Night Warehouse Selector

Erie, PA

People count on you.  With the help of modern voice-activated technology, you’ll select product orders for our food service customers.  Your attention to picking accuracy and efficient delivery truck loading is the reason customers receive what they need and what they expect.  You are the first link in the chain of complete and on-time customer orders.  When you do your best work in the warehouse, our entire team benefits.

Job Summary - Under the limited supervision of the Night Warehouse Manager/Supervisor and Crew Leaders, the Night Warehouse Selector is responsible for three major functions: 1.) Accurate merchandise selection, 2.) transporting to the loading dock, and 3.) truck loading.  Must be able to apply knowledge of driving, stocking, picking and replenishing skills in maneuvering material handling equipment at varying speeds in difficult situations: such as heavy traffic, crowded conditions, wet or slippery floors, or high heights.  The Night Warehouse Selector will perform a variety of functions as required to maintain optimal workflow.

Department:  Warehouse

FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receive printed merchandise labels with information on item number, location and product description from Warehouse Supervisor or Crew Leader.
  • Organize and review labels for manual adjustments made.
  • Accurately select items from dry goods, frozen, product or equipment areas according to description on labels using electrically powered pallet-jacks which pull carts insuring proper "First In and First Out" (FIFO) procedures are followed at all times.
  • Apply label to each item for easy viewing by loader, checker or delivery driver.
  • Transport loaded pallets to dock area for sequential loading on trucks.
  • Pick correct items for the route you are assigned.
  • Weigh and record catch weight as necessary.
  • Select and bag small items of produce.

Truck Loading

  • Receive printed load sheets from warehouse supervisor or crew leader with information on cubes, pieces, and number of pallets and special handling information.
  • Collection of selected items for transport dock as needed.
  • Loading trucks in stop order for proper unloading.
  • Unload back-hauls and various items from shuttle trailers.

Miscellaneous Duties

  • Fill in positions and areas as necessary.
  • Receive back-hauls and other late incoming freight and store properly.
  • Restock returned items, mis-picked product and fill pick holes as needed.
  • Perform daily inspection checks of machinery and charge batteries on machines nightly, following all appropriate safety procedures.
  • Accurately records pick times and complete incentive sheets as instructed.
  • Responsible for daily housekeeping tasks as assigned and cleaning as they work.
  • Pass company-administered power material handling training program.
  • Hazardous materials training for all products stored or used by us
  • Proper material handling (lifting) training.
  • All safety meetings must be attended unless permission to be absent is authorized by manager or supervisor.
  • Perform other assigned duties as may be required.
  • Maintain a clean, neat and orderly work environment.
  • Conduct operations in a manner that promotes safety.
  • Report all accidents involving employee or company property and equipment.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Equipment

  • Demonstrates safe handling of equipment.
  • Job entails a high degree of attention to prevent injury to others as well as company property.
  • High degree of attention to pick product accurately.
  • Must have the ability to read, write English, and perform simple mathematical calculations with general mental ability to handle paperwork documentation related to job duties.
  • Must be able to perform basic tasks on a computer terminal.
  • Professional representation of the company through responsible warehousing skills, professional appearance, and supervisor customer service must be adhered to.

Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent required.

Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to remain standing and/or walking for a minimum of eight hours per day, five days per week.
  • Must be able to walk on non-forgiving surfaces such as concrete, wood, metal, and sometimes on slippery and wet surfaces.
  • Must be able to bend, twist, climb, and move about easily in small places.
  • Must be able to lift objects up to and including 80 pounds.
  • Must be able to perform frequent pulling and pushing of products with or without the aid of material handling equipment.
  • Must be able to frequently reach for and lift products at waist level, above shoulder height, or below waist level.
  • Must be able to load and unload full trailers of product weighing as much as legal limits are applicable to the particular trailer.
  • Must be able to work effectively in all temperature ranges and subject to ambient weather conditions.
  • All applicants hired must complete a strength assessment and fall within the guidelines established for the position.  This job falls within the M/H - Medium/Heavy Work - exerting 51 to 75 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 31 to 45 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 16 to 23 pounds of force constantly to move objects.  In order to be eligible for employment, applicant assessment results must meet the minimum BIS Range of 201-225.

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Curtze Food Service

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